Homeschooling will not save your soul

Homeschooling will not save your soul 600x362

Homeschooling is fine but we can’t hope it will become something it isn’t. Homeschooling is not:

  • The Gospel of Redemption
  • The infallible Word of God
  • The Holy Spirit, in order to transform hearts
  • The Truth which will set us free
  • The seal and primary sign of a true disciple
  • The means by which God’s people become more like Christ
  • The Good News to a dying people

One of the reasons there are so many embittered homeschoolers is because they expected homeschooling to be something it could never become. Idolatry always leads to frustration.


  1. Well-stated. As a homeschool proponent, I heartily agree. I think it is a wise decision just as much as investing in the stock market is. Also, those who idolize not only get frustrated, but also demonize. If you idolize homeschooling, you demonize and de-humanize those who disagree. It’s ugly.


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